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My Story

Opened in 2015, V|| Day Spa was initially an independent wholistic day spa based on Ayurveda. I offered full body facials, high frequency and galvanic facials, massage therapy, mani/pedis, reflexology, cupping, waxing, aromatherapy and reiki....All while customizing and creating my own organic, raw products for each individual. V|| W||ness birthed into existence during my extended travels to Costa Rica and Thailand.


After becoming aware of this world and remembering who I Am, I decided to leave North America to find solitude and to connect with God on a personal level. Those moments in time were life changing and eye opening .  In Thailand I also experienced a 10 day Vipassana meditation at a temple called Wat Ram Poeng which consisted of complete silence and constant medidtation.  It was bittersweet, yet it took me to a new level to understanding the powers of stillness and faith.​


I lived in the midst of nature in rural areas, seeing how the natives lived, foraging food and living off the lead me to dive deeper in to my cultural backgounds and to learn more on how I could be self sufficient to support my family and community. 

The Process

Today, V|| W||ness goal is to inspiring others to love themselves,  to grow their own food, to homeschool their children, tap into their full potential by tapping into the knowlege of self. 

Soon, we will offer a healing compound that will give families the space and opptunity to learn and build.

My only desire is to please God. 

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