Investing in the quality of your Mind will shape your entire being. Letting go and releasing what does not serve you is the first step of becoming. Here at Vll (Seven) Wllness we acknowledge the self-accusing spirit and run towards infinite knowledge & wisdom.  Enjoy the blogs, videos and group sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Peace!


The Story of Vll Wllness

Opened in 2015, V|| Day Spa was initially an independent wholistic day spa based on Ayurveda. I offered full body facials, high frequency and galvanic facials, massage therapy, mani/pedis, reflexology, cupping, waxing, aromatherapy and reiki....All while customizing and creating my own organic, raw products for each individual. V|| W||ness birthed into existence during my extended travels to Costa Rica and Thailand. After becoming aware of this world, I decided to leave North America to find solitude and to connect with God on a personal level. These were life changing and eye opening experiences. I realized how disconnected I was from the Creator. Living in the midst of nature in rural areas, seeing how the natives lived, foraging food and living off the lead me to dive deeper in natural herbal medicines. In Thailand I also did a 10 day Vipassana meditation at a temple called Wat Ram Poeng in Chain Mai, Thailand. It was bittersweet yet it took me to a new level to understanding the power of stillness.

Our spiritual journey in this realm starts from conception. Knowing who you are at the CORE level is very important for overall wellness. Vll Wllness purpose is to motivate others to look WITHIN, offer resources and share my experiences in hopes it will be of benefit. Life is much deeper than what we perceive it to be and knowledge is KEY!


If you are reading this, its for a reason.   Peace, Love and Strength to you!

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